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The Dentist Flushing Trusts Stresses Importance of Checkups

September 16, 2015

Smiling man with thumbs up after a great six month checkup with the dentist flushing residents trustConsidering that most adults don’t actually visit the dentist like they’re supposed to, you’d think it was something that took a lot of time. Can you believe it’s just one visit every six months that’s recommended for good oral hygiene? That’s about two hours out of every year. 20 hours every decade. And, stay with me here, just about 170 hours of a lifetime — less time than it takes to watch one of your favorite television series all the way through. Visiting the dentist regularly reduces your risk of tooth decay, gum disease and increases your overall health. This fall, don’t slack off — visit your Flushing dentist for your twice-annual checkup.

Benefits of Hygiene Visits

When you’re in the habit of visiting the dentist every six months, we’re able to closely monitor your oral hygiene and watch for any early warning signs of larger problems — like gum disease, and other serious conditions.

Gum Disease

It’s estimated that some 70 percent of Americans suffer from gum disease of some degree — and that number is far too high. The cause is simple: poor oral hygiene, like sloppy brushing, irregular flossing and sporadic visits to the dentist. And once the condition develops, its side effects are serious — gum disease has been linked to poor heart health, among other things.

Just as easy as it is to develop a problem with the gums, prevention is also simple. When you visit the dentist every six months, we’re able to notice if you’re not doing a top notch job brushing and flossing, as well as any small but significant changes in your gum health — like swollen, tender red gums. Catching these symptoms early means we can start treatment before a real problem develops.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer appears as a growth or spot on the soft tissue of the mouth that doesn’t go away — and it often goes unnoticed by the sufferer. If it’s not diagnosed and treated early, oral cancer can be deadly. There is good news, however, and it’s that when caught early, oral cancer has a highly successful treatment rate. Your dentist could be the first one to catch a suspicious looking spot in your mouth — but only if you give him or her the chance to.

Decay and Other Problems

The serious decay that causes painful symptoms and treatment — like root canals and extractions — are usually fixed painlessly if caught early. Your six month dental checkups are our opportunity to look for these small signs of decay, and also to check for old dental work that might be worn, or small cracks in your teeth. With the treatment of problems like these, as with most dental issues, it’s truly the sooner, the better.

Schedule Your Checkup Today

So, how long has it been since your last dental checkup? If it’s been more than six months, please don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment today. Your oral — and overall — health depend on it.

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