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What is Laser Dentistry in Queens?

June 8, 2016

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Modern dentistry is always striving to make dental procedures more comfortable and efficient for patients. The dental laser is no exception. Dental lasers deliver intense energy in the form of a concentrated beam of light. The laser helps your dentist be more precise and accurate during treatment, while providing a sterile environment in which bleeding and swelling are minimized and soft tissues can heal more quickly. Patients are pleasantly surprised at how quick and pain free treatments done with the laser can be. Here’s more information about which procedures the laser is used for and the benefits of laser dentistry in Queens.

Composite Fillings

Dentists can utilize the laser to assist when applying tooth-colored composite fillings. The laser combines heat along with light to create a stronger bond when performing a dental filling. This helps to create a tight seal around the filling, which strengthens the bond of the composite to the tooth and ensures that you’re receiving a restoration that you can trust and rely on for years to come.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal (or gum) disease occurs when the tissue and bone that supports your teeth and holds them in place become infected; and without proper support, your teeth are at risk for loss. To effectively treat gum disease, you will need a deeper cleaning called scaling and root planing. This procedure reaches beneath the gum line to remove stubborn tartar build up.

The laser can assist with scaling and root planing to remove the infected tissue and accelerate the healing process. The laser is more precise when removing diseased tissue without affecting the other tissue around it. The intense light creates a sterile seal around the new tissue allowing it to heal more quickly.

Oral cancer can be effectively treated with great results when it’s caught in its earliest stages with a biopsy. The laser can be used to assist in procedures such as biopsies of lesions that may indicate oral cancer, or to accelerate healing of painful canker sores.

Dr. Gochman and Dr. Bharait use the dental laser during many procedures to help make treatment more comfortable and efficient for patients, while improving and accelerating their recovery time. Our patients appreciate the benefits of the laser and the advanced level of care that it helps to provide, and we know you will too! Contact our office today to learn more about laser dentistry.

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