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Kids Should Visit the Children’s Dentist in Queens

October 10, 2016

Kids should see the children’s dentist in Queens, Dr. Richard J. Gochman, for the reasons adults do. Keep oral health vibrant! Read about pediatric visits.

Research shows that a healthy smile is a great personal asset. Your child’s smile are no different. Appearance, speech, eating–they all depend on good oral health. However, the young smile is different from adult teeth because it is still developing. Award-winning children’s dentists in Queens, Dr. Richard J. Gochman and Dr. Teju Bharati, provide gentle care for the youngest of patients so parents can look forward to long-lasting smiles and great oral health for the whole family.

Children’s Dentistry in Queens Starts Early

Parents, the team at NY Smile Creators asks you to bring your little one to the office for a fun Happy Visit by the age of two. Toddlers respond well to this friendly, low-key visit as they simply become accustomed to the caring staff and to how a dentist’s office looks and sounds.

Generally, by age three, kids are ready for a full dental check-up and gentle cleaning. The doctor counts each baby tooth, notes bite and alignment and inspects for signs of tooth decay and gum disease (this is not just an adult problem). Dr. Gochman or Dr. Bharati formulate a treatment plan to keep the child’s oral health on track going forward. A child’s mouth changes dramatically through the teen years and so bears close watching for orthodontic needs, decay and other important issues.

It Proceeds Regularly

Just like Mom and Dad, children should come to New York Smile Creators for six-month cleanings, check-ups and digital X-rays. Hygienic cleanings are gentle, but effective in removing harmful plaque and the bacteria responsible for gingivitis and cavities.  As needed, the doctor may recommend plastic sealants and fluoride treatments to protect against tooth decay. Athletic mouthguards from Under Armour shield hard and soft oral tissues during full, light and no contact sports.

Additionally, the doctors and support staff at New York Smile Creators are dedicated to patient teaching. They inform kids and parents about good oral hygiene habits at home and the benefits of a nutritious diet.

Dental Care Yields Dividends

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry stresses that early dental care greatly benefits children as they mature into adults. Establishing good oral hygiene routines and dietary habits, along with regular dental exams and cleanings, makes for strong, vibrant smiles throughout life. Orthodontic care is easier as dentists work with the developing teeth, jaw and facial structure to create functional, well-aligned and healthy smiles. Decay and gum issues caught early are more easily treated and less costly to parents’ wallets.

Your Child’s Oral Health

It’s as important to Dr. Richard Gochman and Dr. Teju  Bharati as it is to you as a parent. Please contact NY Smile Creators today to arrange a get-acquainted visit for your little one or a routine exam and cleaning for your older child. You’ll all be pleased with the experience and the healthy smiles that result.

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