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Root Canal Treatment

Going Beyond the Painful Reputation of Root Canals in Queens

I’d rather have a root canal is a sarcastic expression used to let people know you’d rather do anything besides whatever task is set before you. A root canal is often believed to be extremely painful. However, the truth is root canal infections may cause pain, but root canal treatment alleviates discomfort almost immediately. In the world of dentistry, there are many treatments and oral health concerns that confuse people, but root canals are possibly the most misleading dental service or issue. At Nysmilecreators, we strive to educate patients about various oral health concerns, and one way to enhance patient understanding of root canal infection is to go beyond its bad reputation to the facts of the matter.

Root Canal Therapies

Patients who experience an infection of the pulp layer of teeth are likely to need root canal therapy. Often referred to simply as a root canal, in order to remove infected tissue and dramatically alleviate pain, a small access hole is drilled in the affected tooth. Through this hole, the pulp and nerves are removed. Once the infection is cleared, the nerve space is filled with a special root canal filling material. With modern techniques and materials, root canal treatment can usually be completed in a SINGLE dental visit!

The strength and structure of the tooth are restored with either a filling, onlay, or a dental crown placed over the top of the treated tooth. While root canals have a bad reputation for being painful, most patients report experiencing minimal discomfort during and after treatment, and most notice dramatic pain relief directly following treatment since the nerve is no longer irritated by infection and inflammation.

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