The One Visit Crowns Dentist Queens NY

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The One-Visit Crowns Dentist, Queens, NY

When your tooth is damaged by decay or trauma to the extent that you need a crown to restore it, you don’t want to wait weeks to get your smile back, but with the traditional crown restoration, you could wait for weeks for your customized crown. Drs. Gochman and Bharati are dedicated to providing you with the most effective, advanced dental care available, and that includes CEREC single-visit crowns. If you need the best dentist in Flushing Queens, look no further. Call to schedule an appointment with one of our talented dental care professionals today, and feel better tomorrow.

The Flushing Dentist Who Knows Crowns

Crowns are restorations, generally made of ceramic, placed over an existing tooth to protect and restore it after tooth decay or injury causes significant damage. In the past, crowns were made (milled) in dental labs using impressions to craft the teeth. Impressions were taken using trays and a goopy, messy impression medium that was often messy and uncomfortable. Once your dentist took the impression of the lab, you would then have to wait several weeks for the lab to receive the impression and create your crown. Once the crowns were returned, the dentist would then be able to restore your tooth, but because the impression material isn’t always completely accurate, further tooth preparation may be needed in order to place the cap. It’s not difficult to imagine why dentists and our patients would want a more efficient crown restoration process. CEREC allows the skilled team at Cosmetic & Family Dentistry to fully restore your tooth with a custom, one visit crown.

Your Dentist in Flushing Crowns Teeth Daily

CEREC stands for Ceramic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. CEREC, combined with digital imaging technology in our Flushing dental office, allows us to mill a custom crown right in our office easily. Using 3D digital scanning technology, we are able to create a digital impression of your tooth and share it with the CEREC system. Your precise dental replacement is milled in about an hour, allowing us to place the crown in one visit. This makes a significant difference for our patients who no longer have to spend weeks with a damaged tooth or a temporary crown. Digital imaging is also far more accurate than previous methods. Single-visit crowns from Cosmetic & Family Dentistry mean you never skip a day of smiles.

Find Out More From Your Flushing Dentist

In Flushing Queens, there’s no better dental health care destination that Drs. Gochman and Bharati. Our dentists are skilled reconstructive and cosmetic dental practitioners you can trust to fully restore your beautiful smile using the most innovative technology and effective treatments available. Don’t spend weeks waiting for your teeth to be restored, call to schedule your one visit crown consultation today. Our convenient office in Flushing, NY, welcomes patients from throughout Queens and surrounding cities, including Garden City, Hempstead, Manhasset, Valley Stream, and Floral Park.