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Considering Dental Implants in Flushing? Here’s What You Need to Know

New innovations in dentistry now give you more options than ever to replace your missing teeth. Besides traditional prosthetics, you could treat your tooth loss using the most reliable solution. Dental implants in Flushing have over a 95% success rate. They closely look and feel natural to invest in your quality of life. Although they are the most predictable treatment, there is a small risk of implant failure. Here is what you need to know to ensure your new smile lasts.

5 Tips for Dental Implant Success

The risk for dental implant failure is generally less than 5%. In most cases, you can eliminate the risk using a few simple tips to enjoy a permanent solution.

  • You need adequate bone density.

The long-term success of your new smile relies on your jawbone’s ability to support the implant posts. The posts serve as tooth roots, stimulating the bone to encourage new growth through a process called osseointegration. This causes your jawbone to fuse to the posts, allowing them to last for several decades. You must have the adequate bone density for this to occur. If your jawbone is compromised, your dentist in Flushing can restore its density with bone grafting.

  • Do not smoke.

Smoking has shown to increase the risk of implant failure by as much as 20%. Tobacco use in any form limits blood flow to your tissue. This impacts your body’s ability to heal and fight infections. It is best to stop smoking altogether if you are interested in dental implants. If you cannot stop, avoid tobacco for one week before your placement surgery and throughout the healing process.

  • The treatment takes several months.

Everyone wants instant results, especially when replacing their missing teeth. Unfortunately, the process of receiving dental implants will take several months, but it is time well spent. Your treatment consists of multiple stages. Each step is vital to creating the groundwork; your new smile needs to last for many years.

  • Maintain your oral hygiene.

The biggest threat to the success of dental implants is a preventable infection called peri-implantitis. It destroys the supporting structures for your dental implants if it is not treated quickly. You can avoid it altogether by maintaining your oral hygiene at home to remove harmful plaque and bacteria buildup.

  • Visit your dentist regularly.

Throughout the process of completing your smile, you will need to visit your dentist in Flushing often. This is necessary to ensure your mouth is healing as expected. You will also need to maintain your appointments for a cleaning and checkup at least every six months after your new smile is complete.

Complete Your Smile Today

If you are ready to invest in your smile, do not wait to take the first step. See if dental implants are right for you today!

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