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Do you have a reunion, wedding, or other special event coming up? Are you dreading the photo ops because your teeth are yellow, dull, or discolored? Let the skilled team at Nysmilecreators help you choose the best teeth whitening options for your smile.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Visit any local grocery store or pharmacy, and you’re sure to see shelves of whitening strips, gels, toothpaste, mouthwashes, and more. Products that promise dazzling results, but unfortunately, are not always able to deliver the desired effect. Whitening products rely on a chemical reaction called oxidation. Other forms of oxidation include rust, rotting fruit, and sunburns. For that reason, it’s essential that whitening products are used carefully and sparingly. Some other reasons patients should consult a dental professional before choosing a whitening product include:

  • Professional observation – Applied in the correct doses, hydrogen or carbamide peroxide are effective tooth whitening agents. However, the side effects of incorrect usage include soft tissue damage, extreme dental sensitivity, and tooth decay. The team at Nysmilecreators helps patients choose the right dosage, wear times, and other treatment options for the best, safest results.
  • Predictability – A dental professional examines teeth to discover the type of stains present, and makes whitening recommendations that provide the most effective stain removal for an individual smile.
  • Effectiveness – The two main concerns with over the counter whitening products are their inability to keep whitening gel off of soft tissue and saliva away from the whitening gel. Because peroxide is an oxidant, there is a risk that soft tissue will be damaged during whitening due to repeated contact with gums, lips, and cheeks. Additionally, saliva works to neutralize the oxidizing effects of peroxide. Most over the counter whitening gels are ineffective after less than an hour, whereas professional whitening products use custom application trays locking gel in and saliva out and extending treatment time.

The Zoom! Whitening Process

Our in-office whitening treatment utilizes the popular Zoom! Whitening system. In about an hour, patients see smiles up to ten shades brighter. The process starts with photos of patients’ current smiles, followed by applying a protective sealant to gums and lips to protect them from the whitening gel. Then, a layer of whitening gel is applied to teeth. Zoom! Uses ultraviolet light to catalyze (speed up) the chemical reaction that removes stains from teeth meaning teeth look brighter faster. Once treatment is complete, patients’ smiles will be photographed again, so they can clearly see the dramatic results.

Professional At-Home Whitening

Unlike over the counter whitening strips and gels, our at-home whitening kits use customized application trays that fit a unique smile, ensuring the safe, effective application of whitening gel. Additionally, our professional-grade at-home whitening gel comes in a variety of doses and wear times to meet any need, schedule, or budget.

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Ready to brighten your smile with in-office or at-home professional teeth whiteningCall Nysmilecreators today. Our friendly Flushing dental team is here to help patients achieve the bright, beautiful smiles of their dreams.

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