Can I Replace Multiple Teeth With Dental Implants In Flushing

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Approximately 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Now, 500,000 people each year are choosing dental implants to complete their smiles. You have heard about their benefits, and you would like to invest in your oral health with them, but you are missing more than one tooth. You can still choose dental implants in Flushing to replace your teeth. They can be used to treat all cases of tooth loss, no matter if you are missing a single tooth, several teeth, or an entire arch.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants differ from any other prosthetic because they replace both the root and the crown of a tooth. A biocompatible titanium implant post is surgically placed into your jawbone to act as a new root. This stimulates your bone to encourage new growth, allowing your jaw to fuse to the post. This provides a secure foundation for your custom-made restoration, which is attached to the post using an abutment.

Dental implants have quickly become the preferred solution to treat tooth loss because they closely look and feel natural. They offer over a 95% success rate to enjoy a long-lasting solution. They are also the only treatment to preserve your bone density.

Their benefits make them the clear choice to replace a single tooth, but they can also be used as an alternative to a traditional bridge, partial, or denture.

How Can I Replace Multiple Teeth?

If you are missing several teeth or an entire arch, your dentist in Flushing does not replace each tooth individually with a dental implant. Instead, a certain amount of posts is used to anchor your bridge or denture to your jawbone. Depending on the number of teeth you are missing, your treatment process varies.

Multiple Missing Teeth

To treat two or more consecutive missing teeth, an impression of your mouth is taken to create your custom-made bridge. Instead of bonding dental crowns on your adjacent teeth to hold it in place, one or two implant posts secure it to your jawbone. This allows your healthy teeth to remain untouched while giving them the support they need to stay in place.

Missing All Teeth

A traditional denture relies on suction or an adhesive to hold it in place. You can skip the hassle of slipping and irritation by securing it to your jawbone with an average of four implant posts. This allows you to regain as much as 70% of your biting force.

Complete Your Smile Today!

Now, you have multiple options to replace your missing teeth, including dental implants. Your dentist creates the customized treatment plan you need to invest in a complete smile. Enjoy the security of dental implants today!

About Dr. Richard Gochman

Dr. Richard Gochman specializes in advanced dentistry to improve his patients’ quality of life. He provides the latest solutions to replace missing teeth, including dental implant restorations. He designs your prosthetics to look natural, so you can feel confident when speaking and smiling. Contact NY Smile Creators today to see if dental implants are right for you.

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