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Preventive Services for a Lasting Healthy Smile

A radiant, lasting smile rests on a firm foundation of strong teeth and healthy gums. Dr. Gochman is a compassionate dentist who advocates proper preventive care to deter dental problems to keep smiles looking and feeling fantastic. A crucial aspect of a lasting smile involves the preventive care you receive from your dentist in Flushing. At NY Smile Creators, we provide the semi-annual cleanings and checkups you need as well as several other preventive services.

Semi-Annual Visit

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At your six-month checkup and hygiene visit, your dentist examines your smile for tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems that start out small but can quickly progress to cause major damage. Our hygienist cleans your teeth and gives you tips on proper brushing and flossing techniques for efficient home care. Dr. Gochman may recommend dental sealants or a fluoride treatment to keep your child’s smile cavity-free.

Our Flushing dental office serves Queens and New York City with top-of-the-line care for lasting smiles though several preventive dentistry services, including:

Single Visit Dentistry

We understand your life is busy. You do not have the time for multiple dental visits. You can get the high-quality restorations you need in just one day with CEREC technology. No matter if you need a crown, veneer, inlay, or onlay, you can get it in a single visit.

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Tooth Extractions

Every tooth in your mouth plays a vital role in your oral health and development. Dr. Gochman strives to ensure each tooth stays healthy for a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are times when an extraction is in your best interest, such as an impacted wisdom tooth, overcrowding concerns, or extensive damage. Dr. Gochman evaluates your tooth to determine the right course of action to foster a healthy smile.

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Routine checkups allow us to monitor your oral health to detect any areas of concern while they are still small. Early treatment prevents them from worsening to quickly rehabilitate your oral health. This not only keeps your teeth and gums healthy but also decreases your long-term dental costs.

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Children’s Dentistry

Your child’s health and development rely on their baby teeth. They act as placeholders for their permanent teeth while also allowing them to learn how to chew and speak correctly. NY Smile Creators provides the preventive care young smiles need to stay healthy. Dr. Gochman creates a lasting foundation for a lifelong, beautiful smile.

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Gum Disease Therapy

Gum disease is preventable with the right oral hygiene habits. Unfortunately, 50% of Americans have a form of it. Your oral health can be reinstated with gum disease therapy. Our office features the latest treatments and technologies to stop the damage of the infection.

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Bruxism Therapy

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If you have a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth, the complications are more than just a sore jaw. The strain and pressure can damage your teeth and even lead to tooth loss. Bruxism therapy provides a protective barrier between your top and bottom teeth to keep your smile strong.

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Under Armour Mouthguard

The Under Armour Mouthguard gives you an added layer of protection when participating in sports to protect your teeth and gums from injury. It also provides other benefits as it helps to reduce stress fatigue, and distraction. We can provide you with the custom-made oral appliance you need to alleviate jaw pressure, protect your smile, and improve your well-being.

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