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In the past, the solutions for a decaying or fractured tooth was often to have it knocked out, and at best, replaced with a poorly fitted metal substitute. In our modern day, where our lives have only become busier and chaotic, time is simply a luxury that many of us cannot afford to spend. This would be very unfortunate if anyone required the process of getting a dental crown, crucial for our mouth’s well-being, but detrimental to our limited amount of time.

Thankfully, however, cutting-edge technology has allowed our experienced dentists at NY Smile Creators to rapidly increase the speed of producing the perfect dental crowns. Perhaps your job only gives you a limited time to take off work for a dental visit, or maybe you require emergency treatment for an unexpected trauma. When time is of the essence, you can count on our reliable dentists to provide you with same day crowns in Flushing.

Call us today at (718) 550-3541, so that you can have the chance to be in and out with brand new crowns in no time.

Same Day Crowns vs Traditional Crowns

While the idea that your crown could be made in a single day sounds appealing, you might wonder whether same-day crowns possess the same quality and durability as normal dental crowns. The fact of the matter is that modernized dental technology has actually increased the quality of these crowns. Shaped exactly like your original teeth, these restorations completely cover and defend a tooth that has been weakened through decay, or is compromised by a fracture. They are also excellent to use after a root canal treatment has been undertaken, or along with dental bridges.

Not only are these caps perfectly natural-looking, matching your original teeth in size, color, and shape, but their strength creates better support for all the teeth around it, as well as decreases any discomfort or sensitivity.

The wonderful thing is that you will not have to repeatedly return to your dental office for several visits, since your crown will be perfectly set inside your mouth within just a couple of hours.

The Benefits of Same Day Crowns in Flushing

There are so many advantages that you will receive if you opt for same-day crowns from our team. The rapid time it takes to be treated is certainly one asset; traditional crowns usually are completed in a two to three week period, whereas our same-day crowns are completed immediately. However, there are several other advantages as well.

Some of the amazing benefits of our same-day crowns include:

  • Saved money – You do not need to spend gas or waste valuable labor time by having to repeatedly come for more treatments. Moreover, our same-day crowns are much more cost-effective, saving you a lot of money in the process.
  • Long-lasting, precise results – The advanced technology of our CEREC service means that your teeth will look exactly like the real thing but are even stronger and more durable against decay. Even the most complex case can be precisely repaired by CEREC computer-guided restorations.
  • Less invasive treatments – Because our same-day treatments happen within a few hours, you do not need to constantly get anesthesia or other preparatory injections. Moreover, our custom-crafted teeth do not require the extensive amounts of drilling the way traditional teeth do.

Contact us now at (718) 550-3541 for a rapidly-built smile that will last a lifetime.

Patient Testimonials

Opinions That Matter the Most
  • Peace of Mind

    “Last night I had an old crown (by another dentist) fall out and they were able to take me in this afternoon, which is great considering the pandemic. To ensure our safety, the place is thoroughly sanitized, and there are air purifiers in each room.”

    - Kat I.
  • An Amazing Place

    “New York smile creators is an amazing place. The staff is very helpful. Dr Gochman is amazing. He knows what he is doing and shows concern for your well being.”

    - Elizabeth F.
  • I Actually Enjoy Going to My Dentist

    “They are welcoming, warm, and very dedicated! Everyone there makes your experience unique and pleasant. I actually enjoy going to my dentist and my teeth are always squeaky clean when I leave!”

    - Ari W.
  • Always on Time

    “Dr. Gochman is exceedingly knowledgeable from years of experience. He is always on time and never makes you wait endlessly.”

    - Deana M.
  • Painless

    “The office is always clean and Dr. Gochman stays ahead with the latest technology making your appointments short and painless! You guys do a great job.”

    - T. G.

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