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Professional Teeth Whitening in Flushing

What's fast, safe, and delivers fantastic results for eye-catching smiles? Professional teeth whitening! Dr. Gochman offers in-office and take-home teeth bleaching to turn stained teeth into sparkling smiles.

Zoom! Whitening, the leading teeth whitening system, quickly and effectively lightens smiles to reveal hidden brilliance. We'll apply special Zoom! Whitening gel to your teeth and activate it with a special laser. In about an hour, stains and discolorations from food, beverages, tobacco, and other offenders will disappear and leave behind a sparkling smile up to eight shades lighter. At-home touch-up kits will help you maintain maximum brightness.

If you prefer to whiten on your own schedule, your cosmetic dentist will give you custom bleaching trays and professional-strength teeth whitening gel for home use. You may notice whiter teeth after just one application, but we recommend ten to fourteen days of continuous use to achieve dazzling radiance.

Most patients will experience dramatic results with either teeth whitening method, though not all discolorations can be lightened with the treatment. Teeth whitening treatments are most successful in removing yellow, brown, or orange tinges incurred from aging, coffee, tea, or smoking. However, dark gray tones from fluorosis, smoking, or tetracycline use may not whiten as dramatically; artificial materials such as silicants or porcelains do not whiten at all. Patients with sensitive teeth, periodontal disease, or worn enamel typically do not respond well to teeth whitening. For these cases, cosmetic procedures such as veneers may provide the best solution for a movie-star smile.

Call today to schedule your Zoom! Whitening or Zoom! Whitening For Life* appointment with NY Smile Creators. Our Flushing dental office serves Queens and New York City with top-of-the-line care for lasting smiles.

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