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Unhappy with Your Smile? Your Cosmetic Dentist in Flushing Can Help!

October 31, 2018

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woman with attractive smileAre you unhappy with your smile? You are not alone. A study by the American Association of Orthodontists found one-third of adults do not like how their teeth look. Although they may only be cosmetic issues, they can significantly impact how you feel about yourself and how others view you. It only takes 7 seconds for someone to base their first impression. With 55% of initial opinions determined by visual elements, like your smile, your teeth could impact how others see you. You can ensure it says the right thing with the help of your cosmetic dentist in Flushing.

4 Tips from Your Dentist in Flushing to Combat Teen Gingivitis

July 30, 2018

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teen girl looking in mirrorAs a parent, you take pride in helping your teen achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. You encourage brushing, flossing, and take them to their dentist in Flushing regularly for a cleaning and checkup. While they are important for preventing tooth decay, there is another danger to your teen’s dental health—gum disease. Although it is often believed to only affect adults, children can suffer from it as well. To foster a healthy smile, it is best to teach them how to combat gingivitis before it progresses into advanced stages, which can impact their general health.

Are Your Gums Receding? Your Dentist in Flushing Can Help!

June 3, 2018

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woman magnifying healthy smileWhen you think about your oral health, your first thought may be of a cavity-free smile. While the health of your teeth is important, there is another factor as well—your gums. They serve a vital role. They form a tight seal to protect your roots and bones from bacteria. Unfortunately, they can become damaged, which can compromise your dental health. Among the greatest threat involves gum recession. When your gum line starts to recede, it leaves your teeth susceptible to complications. To protect your smile, it is best to see your dentist in Flushing at the first sign of gum erosion.

Can My Dentist in Flushing Fix My Sensitive Teeth?

May 12, 2018

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woman with tooth sensitivityWhen you drink your morning cup of coffee or eat an ice cream cone on a hot day, do you feel a sudden pain in your teeth? You could be among the 50% of adults who suffer from tooth sensitivity. Although it is normal to feel a bit of pain after you have had some dental work or a whitening treatment, there could be another issue that is leading to your pain. To stop your discomfort, your dentist in Flushing will find the underlying problem to provide treatment while also encouraging some changes to your home oral hygiene routine.

Everyday Tips when Choosing Invisalign in Queens

April 27, 2018

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woman at Invisalign appointmentHow many times have you found yourself hiding your mouth when you smile or speak? If alignment concerns have left you feel insecure about your appearance, you do not have to live with the results. Now, you can correct the alignment of your teeth using a nearly invisible solution. With Invisalign in Queens, you will get the results you want in about a year without wires and brackets.

Dentist in Queens Highlights the Importance of Daily Flossing

March 17, 2018

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woman flossingThe health of your mouth is important to you, which is why you take the time to brush your teeth twice a day. Although your toothbrush is necessary for keeping your teeth and gums healthy, it is only half of the care you need. You also need to floss your teeth every day. If you are not, you will likely receive some unexpected news at your next appointment with your dentist in Queens.

Get a Restoration in One Day with Your Dentist in Flushing

February 16, 2018

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Dental crownHave you been putting off getting the dental restoration that you need because you just do not have the time to schedule multiple appointments? What if you could get your crown, veneers, or dental bridge in just one day? Now you can with CEREC technology. This amazing advancement in dentistry allows you to get a high-quality restoration in just one appointment with your dentist in Flushing. You have the convenient solution that you need without compromising the final results.

Become a Healthier You with Your Dentist in Queens

January 26, 2018

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Woman receiving dental examDid you know that your dental care is important for more than just a healthy mouth? It is also vital for your general health as well, as the two are linked to one another. To maintain your health, regular appointments with your dentist in Queens are important. Unfortunately, only one-third of adults saw their dentist last year. If you are among those who skipped their preventive appointments, it is time to invest in yourself with a cleaning and checkup.

Do You Have Teeth Grinding at Night? We Can Help!

November 1, 2017

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Bruxism and dental termsIs your spouse often complaining about loud grinding noises coming from your teeth while you sleep? Maybe you wake frequently with tooth or jaw pain? You could be suffering from a condition known as bruxism, which causes grinding and clenching of the teeth during the early stages of sleep. In some cases, it can even occur unintentionally while awake. Although it may seem like nothing more than a nuisance, it can lead to dental complications and decrease your quality of life. To stop the grinding, your dentist has the solutions you need.

Children’s Dentist Provides the Protection of Fluoride Varnishes

October 1, 2017

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Woman holding fluoride cardAs a parent, you strive to help your child develop and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. You encourage proper oral hygiene habits, promote a well-balanced diet, and take them to their children’s dentist every 6 months. You feel confident that you have set the right foundation for their dental health. However, you have recently heard a lot of discussion about fluoride varnishes. With the efforts you already have in place, you are not sure if the treatments are necessary. Despite the steps you have taken at home to foster your child’s smile, they should also benefit from the varnishes. They are not just great for protecting your child’s teeth, but the entire family’s as well.

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