5 Causes For An Emergency Tooth Extraction

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5 Causes For An Emergency Tooth Extraction

If you are wondering what would have you visiting the dentist for an emergency tooth removal near you there are several possible reasons.

When your tooth is damaged, visiting a dentist will most often have it fixed with crowning, filling, or any other treatment. However, sometimes the damage is too bad for repair to be done, in which case the tooth has to be extracted.

For instance, a really loose tooth needs extraction if it’s too damaged to be saved even by bone grafting. Read along for five of the most common reasons an emergency tooth extraction is recommended.

1. Abnormal Teeth Development

Abnormal tooth development usually occurs when several teeth become impacted or fail to erupt via the gums. Impacted teeth are more prone to infections and conditions associated with pain and gum inflammation. If you exhibit such symptoms, it is recommended that you visit a hospital that provides emergency tooth extraction near you.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If you're experiencing wisdom tooth pain, it's possible you have an impacted wisdom tooth or teeth. Jammed wisdom teeth develop when there is not enough room in the jaws. The result is that wisdom teeth get stuck inside the gums or push other teeth from their space.

These cases are more prominent with wisdom teeth. Most people develop wisdom teeth and have them without anomalies, while others simply aren’t able to keep them and have to be removed. If you need an emergency wisdom tooth extraction, our team can help. 

2. Damaged tooth by decay or trauma

Tooth decay is often easily treatable, and in most cases, it’s possible to save the natural tooth of the patient. However, if the tooth has been severely subjected to decay to a significant degree, then extraction is inevitable.

Dentists can try and salvage the tooth, but this would be at the expense of the adjacent teeth, which can easily be infected.

You will also need to see a dentist for emergency tooth extraction in Flushing, NY, if there’s severe chipping or injury on the tooth.

If a cavity develops beyond repair by either filling or crowning, then a tooth removal may be necessary. Some patients opt for a dental implant for a damaged tooth instead of a filling, which requires the removal of the original tooth.

3. Periodontitis

This is a dental infection gotten from prolonged gum inflammation (gingivitis) if left untreated. Gingivitis is easily reversed by decent oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings. However, it is not possible if the condition progresses to periodontal disease.

Periodontitis constantly attacks your gums and weakens the structures supporting the teeth. With time the gums regress significantly, leaving the roots exposed. The teeth, therefore, have less support and are likely to fall off. The situation, therefore, demands an extraction.
Exhibiting inflamed gums and pain should be reported early enough to avoid the growth of periodontitis. You will need the services of a specialist for emergency tooth extraction near you if the condition worsens.

4. Crowded Teeth

Some people have more teeth than can fit in their jaws. This is usually due to inadequate room for all the teeth, and the result is a misalignment. The condition can be somewhat discomforting and can make other people uneasy, especially public figures, who seek perfect smiles.

The solution to these can either be to remove some teeth and allow more space or expand the jawbone to perfect the alignment. Dentists recommend an emergency tooth extraction if the teeth arrangement induces pain and uneasiness in the gums.

Orthodontic treatment and dental braces can also fix the problem but must be done after dental extraction has been performed.

5. Under-Gum Tooth Fractures

Heavy impacts on your teeth can cause tooth fractures under the gums. It could be an accidental feat or even regular activity such as chewing that may cause an under-gum tooth fracture.

When chewing food, your teeth absorb most of that impact, and if they are not perfectly aligned, then it can cause minor cracks in the lower molars. There is also a high risk of a cracked tooth under the gums if you recently had a huge filling or root canal. If a tooth is fractured below the gum-line, then you will need an emergency tooth extraction.

It’s good to note that the more natural teeth you have, the better it is for your dental health. Most dental infections don’t feel serious until the patent has reached the edge of it. Tooth extraction solves most of these problems, but it’s also recommended to consider other options if there is a chance of saving your biological tooth.

Emergency Dentist For Tooth Extractions

If you are looking for an emergency dentist near you or any tooth extraction specialist in Flushing, NY, ensure to consult dentists with credibility and experience in their craft so that you get the best of services. Our dentists at Crystal Creek Dental have years of experience in emergency tooth extractions. Contact us if you need an emergency wisdom tooth or normal tooth extraction. 

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