4 Tips Dentist Flushing Combat Teen Gingivitis

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Dentist in Flushing Prevents Gum Disease in Teens

As a parent, you take pride in helping your teen achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. You encourage brushing, flossing, and take them to their dentist in Flushing regularly for a cleaning and checkup. While they are important for preventing tooth decay, there is another danger to your teen’s dental health—gum disease. Although it is often believed only to affect adults, children can suffer from it as well. To foster a healthy smile, it is best to teach them how to combat gingivitis before it progresses into advanced stages, which can impact their general health.

Your Teen & Gum Disease

Let’s face it, raising teens can be a challenge. They do not like to listen to advice. As a result, if you demand that they brush and floss their teeth, it may make them resist. Instead, it is better to encourage the right habits to help them make smart choices for their dental health. These simple tips will help you stay ahead of gingivitis.

  1. Keep Healthy Food in the House: Teens love to snack on unhealthy foods, like sugary treats. You can tell them not to eat them until you are blue in the face, but teens will be teens. Save yourself the battle by keeping healthy foods in your home, especially those that contain vitamin C, which is needed to promote the health of the gum tissue. Avoid any foods that are carbohydrate-heavy, which can aid bacteria growth in their mouth, increasing their risk for gum disease.
  2. Set the Example: Your children pay attention to what you do, whether they show it or not. To help encourage a healthy smile at home, set the example by maintaining your oral hygiene. In addition to brushing and flossing, visit your dentist regularly.
  3. Limit Negative Reinforcement: Teens tend to do the opposite of what you want. As a result, you can sometimes use negative reinforcement in your favor. During the teen years, they often focus on their appearance. Since no one wants to be the person at school who is known for bad breath, offer a reminder that they need to go brush their teeth so they do not get stuck with that label.
  4. Take Them to the Dentist: Gingivitis occurs progressively. While you may miss the early warning signs at home, your dentist will spot them right away. Take them to their dentist twice a year for a good cleaning and to monitor their gum health with a comprehensive checkup.

Encourage a Healthy Smile

As you navigate the teen years, take the time to help your child invest in their future with a healthy smile. Together, you can combat gingivitis.

About Dr. Richard Gochman

Dr. Richard Gochman at NY Smile Creators is committed to helping his patients reach and maintain optimal oral health through all stages of life. With a focus on prevention, he can help your teen achieve their dental goals to foster a healthy smile. If it is time for their next cleaning and checkup, contact our office today

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