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Mini Implants from Your Dentist in Queens

If your dentures or partials are making you unhappy—or if you’re about to receive an oral prosthetic for the first time—then consider mini implants. With these miniature titanium implants, Drs. Gochman and Bharati can secure your dentures, so you don’t have to worry about slipping, clicking, or oozing adhesives.

As with standard dental implants, Queens dentists Dr. Gochman and Bharati surgically position mini implants in your jawbone. We use the IMTEC MDI System, which provides a secure foundation for patients who may not have sufficient bone volume to support full-sized dental implants or whose denture must fit in a small space. But it’s not the only size that distinguishes mini implants from regular dental implants. Receiving mini implants usually can be completed in just one appointment. Traditional implants, on the other hand, may require several appointments over the course of several months before the process is complete and your smile is whole.

The Mini Implant Procedure

In addition, placing mini implants is also quite different. Usually, mini implants can be surgically placed in just one appointment. For your lower jaw, three to four mini implants are needed to secure a full denture. The doctors at nysmilecreators mark the proper location for your mini implants and then use a pilot drill to create holes in your gum tissue. The implant posts are inserted into the holes and tightened into the bone with special dental instruments.

With these mini implants in place, the base of your existing dentures or your new ones is outfitted with a retaining fixture that simply snaps onto the head of the implants, much like a ball and socket connection. Thus, in just one appointment, your dentures can be given a solid foundation that will keep them in place when you eat, speak, smile, and laugh.

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If you have dentures or a part that is bothersome, then call the office of Drs. Gochman and Bharati to schedule a consultation so you can discover if mini implants are right for you. We serve patients from Flushing, Queens, and the surrounding areas.